A sancai and predominantly blue glazed earthenware Lokapala


Tang Dynasty, 8th century, China

唐代, 8世紀, 中國

Height: 76 cm, 29.8 inches; Width: 29cm, 11.4 inches

高: 76釐米, 寬: 29釐米

The figure stands with puffed out chest on a rockwork base trampling a prostrate demon, his right leg raised while stepping on the demons head, his left leg straight standing on his stomach. The guardians swaggering pose is enhanced by the right hand held out at chest height which would once have gripped a sword, the left hand placed dashingly on his hip, the typically unglazed helmeted head turned to his left powerfully modelled with thick set neck and bulging eyes. His elaborate multi layered armour is embellished with stylized dragon’s head epaulets at each shoulder, an undergarment billowing out from beneath at knee height, above strapped boots, all splashed in unusually generous amounts of the rare blue glaze, as well as amber, green and straw glazes.

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