An unglazed terracotta horse with raised neck and head, together with a seated foreign groom


Tang dynasty, 8th century AD, China

唐代, 8世紀, 中國

Horse: Height: 47 cm, 18 ½ inches; Length: 37 cm, 14½ inches

馬高: 47 釐米, 長: 37 釐米

Groom: Height 20 cm, 8 inches; Length: 22.5 cm, 8 7/8 inches

馬伕高: 20 釐米, 長: 22.5 釐米

The horse strides forward with a powerful well modelled body and legs, the muscular neck is fully raised and twisted to its left side, the head also raised vertically with eyes wide open and lips pealed back revealing its teeth, the tail bound short and extended horizontally. The grey terracotta is covered with a white slip upon which remains dark grey paint high lighting the mane, tail, hooves and eyes.

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