Japanese Arita Porcelain Vase

17th century, Japan

Height: 56 cm, 22.05 inches

Diameter: 33 cm, 12.99 inches

This long necked bottle with everted mouth rim has a bulbous body seated on a short circular foot with the porcelain on the inside of the base glased. The main decoration is contained within a wide band around the body depicting a continuous scene of peacocks amongst flowering plants and rock work. One side shows a peacock standing on a high rock flanked by prunus trees, the bird looks to the left but the body and tail feathers are depicted head on, the latter fanning out in dramatic style. The opposite side shows another peacock also on a high rock work base, looking behind with tail feathers lowered and flanked by chrysanthemum flowers and peony bushes. The design is painted in underglaze blue of two shades, highlighted with gilding against a white background.

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