A standing gilt bronze Buddha

14th century, U Thong B style, Thailand

Height: 172cm; Width: 46cm

The Buddha is standing in samabhanga, both hands in abhayamudra (the gesture of fearlessness), with the Wheel of the Law cast on the palms. His face shows a serene expression, with slightly down-cast eyes, elongated earlobes, full lips with a double incised line for the moustache, and closed mouth held in a half smile. The Buddha is clad in monastic robes, consisting of an undergarment hanging from the waist and an over garment covering both shoulders. The broad frontal flap and the belt are inherited from the Lopburi School as is the incised moustache line. The hair which is tied into spiky curls, are so tiny that they might almost be mistaken for beading. They cover the head and ushnisha, which in turn is surmounted by a flame finial. The circular pedestal is finely cast in the form of fully opened lotus revealing the seed pod. The bronze surface was fire-gilt, but much of these has worn off.

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