A gilt bronze Yi-dam Chakrasamvara united with Vajravarahi


16th century, Nepal

16世紀, 尼泊爾

Height: 10.5cm, 4.13inches

10.5 釐米

Samvara appears in many different forms, yet his most common form is that of twelve-armed, four- headed Cakrasamvara, who is most popular in Nepal and Tibet, where he is regarded as the ‘Secret Lord of the Holy Mountain Kailasa’.

This Nepalese Chakrasamvara is depicted in a fighting stance trampling the two conquered Hindu gods Bhairava and Kalarat who are prostrating on a double lotus pedestal. Chakrasamvara tightly embraces his consort prajna Vajravarahi whose legs are wrapped around his hips. Both figures are crowned with five skulls and richly adorned with jewels, which are missing, holding the attributes that symbol their power. Between the Yi-Dam legs a long garland of severed human heads hangs down, representing Chakrasavara’s conquest over egotistic mental processes.

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