A gilt bronze seated figure of a multi armed Avalokitesvara


Kangxi period, 17th century, China.

康熙時期 17世紀 中國

Height: 27.5cm


This finely cast gilt bronze is seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus base, the principle hands held in uttarabodhi mudra, a further two held in the lap in dhyana mudra, the other fourteen arms fan to either side each holding an attribute. The figure wears a scarf over the shoulders and a scarf over each principle arm, a dhoti with chased borders and elaborate jewellery with inset turquoise and coral stones over the bare torso, and each wrist and forearm. The serene face surmounted by an openwork tiara centred by an image of Amitaba identifying the figure as Guanyin, the hair pulled up into a chinon. Provenance: Nils Nessim

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