A two-section gilt bronze standing statue of Yamantaka


18th century, Qing dynasty, Sino-Tibet

18世紀, 清朝, 漢藏

Height: 34.5 cm Width: 28.5 cm

高: 34.5 釐米 寬: 28.5釐米

Height: 13.58 inches WIidth: 11.22 inches

The ferocious Dhamapala Yamantaka stands in pratyalidhasana, with the left leg fully thrust to the side and the right leg bent, standing astride a recumbent bull whose back is decorated with double beads in a quatrefoil pattern summoned by a finial. The bull is ferociously depicted with open mouth revealing his tongue and teeth, he lies upon the prostrate corps of a woman, and the whole group in turn rest upon an oval-shaped single pedestal base with beaded borders.

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