Circular cinnabar lacquer box and cover


Xuande mark and period, 15th century, China

明宣德款, 15世紀, 中國

Diameter: 8 cm, 3.15 inches, Height: 3 cm, 1.18 inches

直徑: 8 釐米, 高: 3釐米

The face of the two tier box depicts a garden scene in high relief on a ground of diaper patterns representing earth and air. The decoration on the side of the box consists of flowers of the four seasons – tree peony, pomegranate, chrysanthemum, and camellia. A scholar sits on a terrace by a pavilion, surrounded by pine trees and rockwork, with one attendant holding books, the other, a jardiniere. On the base of the box a Xuande mark is carved.

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