A rare enamelled Yixing teapot

Mark and period of Qianlong

Height: 10cm; Width: 17cm

This teapot is in a compressed globular form with radiating narrow lobes resembling the petals of a chrysanthemum flower, set with a short tapered spout and a round loop handle, the tightly fitting domed cover similarly potted with narrow lobes and a central bud finial. The body is decorated in iron-red, black and gold enamels against a dark blue ground with detached sprays of peonies below a beribboned wan symbol, alternating with sprays of five-petalled flowers under a bat, all between borders of ruyi encircling the gilded rim and foot. The spout and the handle picked out with leafy flower sprays and a butterfly. The cover is similarly enamelled with upright sprays of lotus between 'C'-motifs and a gold 'basket weave' collaring the ribbed finial. The recessed base inscribed with a four-character iron-red mark within double squares reserved on a black lacquer ground.

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