A painting of a white hawk attributed to Xing Yi-Feng

Ink and colour on silk, framed and glazed, with two seals Yi-Feng hua (painted by Yi-Feng) and Xing shi Xuecun (邢氏雪村), dated the yihai year, corresponding to 1935

Length: 132cm 52 inches, Width: 66cm 26 inches

This painting depicts a white hawk perched on a trestle stand, the bird of prey detailed with piercing eyes turning its head sharply to the right, a tasselled weight suspended to the folded wings. The bird’s plumage meticulously painted in fine strokes of light brown and white pigments with pale blue shades. The trestle adorned with a triangular brocade falling over a silk apron embroidered with phoenix, the trestle-feet carved with Buddhist lions encircling hexagonal posts topped with further metal lion mounts. The painting inscribed in gilt on the upper right with a poem in standard script dedicating to the while hawk and referencing to the work of Giuseppe Castiglione. The painting is signed Guyan Xing Yi-Feng Hua (painted by Xing Yi-Feng from Guyan古燕).

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