Gold lacquer box and tray, unsigned

Meiji period, 1868-1912, Japan

Box: 14 cm x 12.1 cm, 5.5 inches x 4.8 inches

Tray 21.6 cm x 18.7 cm, 8.5 inches x 7.4 inches

The rounded rectangular box with a domed overhanging cover lacquered in gold, silver and iro-e hiramaki-e and togidashi on a patterned kinji ground imitating the texture of gold-paper on screens, with a humorous depiction of Raijin [the Thunder God] standing on a bank of dusky clouds with a wheel of drums behind him; the matching tray of rectangular shape depicting Fujin [the Wind God] holding his wind bag in similar fashion, the interior and underside of both box and tray in silver lacquer also imitating the silver-paper of screens with a wood storage box.

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