A good-sized Lingam stone

The Narmada River, India

Length: 39 x Width: 19 x Height: 20 cm

L15.35 x W7.48 x D7.87 inches

The 'Shiva Lingam', also called 'Brahmin Egg' or 'World Egg', is the symbol of the Hindu god 'Shiva'. In Indian Hinduism, this God, called 'The Destroyer', represents the becoming and the passing in the eternal cycle of nature. The abstract symbol for the 'Lord Shiva' is his 'lingam': a polished, egg-shaped stone located at the centre of every Shiva temple in India. It is washed by the priests, decorated, and venerated by the faithful. The clear form of the 'lingam' symbolizes 'male peace', while the different coloured signs on the surface of the stone are construed as 'female unrest'. In popular belief, however, the upright form of the 'lingam' is regarded as clearly representing the god's phallus, while the coloured inclusions are interpreted as his female counterpart, the vulva. The 'Shiva Lingam' presented here is made of elegant, grey stone and is unusually large. It shows beautiful, dark red inclusions and originates from Varanasi (Benares).

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